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ACLS Megacode Practice

Dr. Strange's Megacode SurvivalTM
ACLS Algorithm Practice

ACLS Algorithm Practice is one of the most important important learning activities you will do in the ACLS Course. Megacode Practice will help you survive and pass the megacode with flying colors.

The free online videos simplify the learning of the algorithms. As you learn the algorithms, you will also learn unique techniques to create new memory pathways for instant recall. As you go through the ACLS Algorithm Guidelines. Be sure to master one lesson before moving to the next. This will avoid information overload. The optional ACLS Study Guide is chock full of helpful hints and pearls.

Dr. Strange's
Megacode Survival
ACLS Study Guide

Learn the simple approach to rhythm strips. Learn the rhythms the right way...
     from understanding!

First you learn the basics of reading an EKG, then...

The key characteristics of each rhythm. You will be able to easily identify each rhythm when you finish.

 Key identification points
    for each ACLS Rhythm

 EKG Introduction
 Discussions of each lesson
 Insights and Pearls
 Helpful Hints


Click here:

ACLS Study Guide

First learn ACLS Rhythm Strips for quick recognition. An easy to understand approach to EKG reading is included in the study guide. Then, the key characteristics of each rhythm are simplified. Learn to visualize and verbalize the important characteristics of each rhythm.

DO NOT try to memorize the rhythms...
    The SAME rhythm can look very DIFFERENT
    on different EKG's.

Next learn the steps for conquering each of the rhythms. Begin your ACLS Algorithm Practice visit the ACLS Algorithm Guidelines Videos.

ACLS Megacode Algorithm Practice accelerates into full speed with learning each of the ACLS algorithms. Each algorithm is broken down into easy steps. You will learn unique ways to practice a megacode that will assure your survival (passing without embarrassment) during the simulated megacode.

"You'll do great."

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